AI is entering our lives. Whether it's personal life or business, AI is helping us become more productive, giving us more time if we know how to use it intelligently.

AI Art

This is the first product we are developing, currently in Beta version, if you are a community member you can test it. Active members who support the community by holding NFT Neighbor Cats and $NCAT tokens can test more times, especially there will be special price incentives for the most active members of the community .

AI Art is a product that turns text into images, the more specific you describe, the more accurate the photo you will receive, whether it is an artistic photo or expressing your dream with an image.

AI Writer

You know ChatGPT of Open AI is a popular AI platform. we will organize effective AI models for each market segment. For each market niche, we will organize and launch versions suitable to the characteristics of that industry and market. Here's how we're going to go one step further, the more concrete realism of the AI Writer application.

You know that each industry uses AI Writer very differently, such as advertising, architecture..Each field requires different characteristics and expertise, so the application of AI is also different.

AI Social

Combining AI Art and AI Writer we create the next product - unique and different content designed suitable for content types such as articles, videos, images.

Depending on the different requirements for each platform, you can use AI Social as a special assistant, create content with your personal style, and post on a schedule that you set up on social platforms. AI Social helps you do the work for an entire team, fully automated and tailored to your style.

AI Slide

Combining AI Art, AI Writer and other technologies, AI Slide product becomes a very effective platform to support your work when quickly creating professional slides in both content and images. .

Just start with keywords, topics, you can easily create a Slide in minutes to surprise your partners and colleagues.

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